Ary's Lagoon Restaurant

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Grilled Fish Ginger Sauce

Fresh from the Sea

Grilled Fish Ginger Sauce is a delicious dish. Made with fish and ginger juice, this mouthwatering fish recipe is loved by everyone.
The Grilled Fish Ginger Sauce menu also suitable for buffet dinners, as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving events. Try it!

Chicken Steak with Sauce Mushroom / Black Pepper

Western Cuisine

Chicken steak with creamy mushroom/black pepper sauce.
It tastes great with the fries. You can order this food from our chef directly at Ary's Resto.

Fish and Chip

Western Cuisine

Fish and chips is one of popular favourite dishes.
It's a popular with hot dish consisting of fried fish in crispy batter, served with chips.

Other Menu Options and Prices Excluded 10% Tax & Service

Menu Price Tax & Service
Indonesian Breakfast (IBF)
Fried Rice or Fried Noodle
Fruit Salad or Juices (Lime, Orange, Pineapple)
Tea or Coffee
IDR 25.000 10%
Continental Breakfast (CBF)
Toast Bread
Eggs (Boiled, Fried Egg, Scrambled)
Fruit Salad or Juices (Lime, Orange, Pineapple)
Tea or Coffee.
IDR 25.000 10%
Ary's Breakfast
Toast Bread
Eggs (Boiled, Fried Egg, Scrambled)
Smoke Beef or Sausages
Sauteed Tomato, Mushroom and Beans
Fruit Salad or Juices (Lime, Orange, Pineapple)
Tea or Coffee.
IDR 45.000 10%

Other Menu

    Soups Included Rice
    Excluded Tax & Service 10%
    Clear Vegetables Soup IDR 15.000.
    Pindang (Fish) IDR 35.000.
    Laksa IDR 25.000.
    Vegetables Curry IDR 25.000.
    Tomyum IDR 25.000.
    Excluded Tax & Service 10%
    Cesar Salad IDR. 40.000 (Romain, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrot, Croutons, Smoked Chicken Breast, Parmesan)
    Tuna Salad IDR. 25.000 (Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Black Olives, Onion, Mushroom, Sesame Seed, Smoked Tuna)
    Vegetables Salad IDR. 20.000 (Sauce: Tar-tar, Mayonnaise, 1000 Island)
    Excluded Tax & Service 10%
    Buncis, Tauco Sapi IDR. 30.000
    Pokcoy Ca’ Garlic IDR. 25.000
    Tauge Ca’ Garlic IDR. 23.000
    Kangkung Blacan (Local Watercress) IDR. 23.000
    Gado-gado (Vegetables with Peanut Sauce) IDR. 30.000
    Excluded Tax & Service 10%
    Bintang Beer (Can) IDR. 40.000
    Singaraja Beer (Can) IDR. 35.000
    Prost Beer (Can) IDR. 35.000
    Sprite IDR. 10.000
    Coca Cola IDR. 10.000
    Diet Coke IDR. 10.000
    ..and You will find the other best food & drinks in Ary's Restaurant..